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  • Povidone Iodine  25655-41-8;74500-22-4

    Brownish-yellow or brownish-red shaped powder, with a light special odor, soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in diethyl ether and chloroform, good stability, no irr... >>>

    Ulanqab Kema New Material Co., Ltd    
  • Povidone K90  9003-39-8

    Pharmaceutical industry: PVP-K90 (pharmaceutical grade) is one of the new pharmaceutical synthetic excipients, which can be used as a binder, sustained release agent f... >>>

    Ulanqab Kema New Material Co., Ltd    
  • Povidone K30  9003-39-8

    The molecule of PVPK30 is a butyrolactam structure. It contains a more polar lactam group with a dipole moment of 40, which makes it hydrophilic and polar-philic. In add... >>>

    Ulanqab Kema New Material Co., Ltd    
  • 2-Pyrrolidone  25655-41-8;74500-22-4

    It is a colorless crystal below 23°C, and exists as a clear and transparent liquid above 24.6°C, with good chemical stability and non-corrosiveness. It is miscible wit... >>>

    Ulanqab Kema New Material Co., Ltd    

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